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Sergio S. Garza is a Rio Grande Valley native, born and raised in Pharr, Texas. He is a purpose- driven person who values relationships above all else and prides himself in transparency and keeping his word.

Sergio is an attorney with a diverse employment background. He has worked both white-collar as well as blue-collar jobs, all which have provided him with invaluable knowledge and experience which he puts to use for the benefit of his clients at all times. Though Sergio is familiar with the toll of working deep into the night sitting in front of a computer in order to meet an impending deadline, he also knows full well what it’s like to work an 80-hour week at a refinery in Texas and Louisiana, as that is how he saved up part of his money to be able to attend law school. During his early college years, Sergio worked jobs in customer service, coached youth sports teams, and even worked as a substitute teacher for a local school district. These experiences allowed Sergio to build relationships with people from a variety of social spheres and different motivations in life. Thus, Sergio can relate to all of his clients and empathize with their differing woes.

Though Sergio operates his own law practice, he also collaborates with other experienced attorneys from law offices across the Rio Grande Valley. Sergio currently serves as Of Counsel at Dale & Klein, LLP, a renowned civil litigation and family law firm in south Texas, but he also works with other attorneys and law offices in a variety of civil matters. Sergio has worked the run-of-the-mill personal injury cases as well as litigated complex commercial disputes and civil rights cases involving governmental immunities that have gone all the way to the Texas and United States supreme courts for judicial review. This is why Sergio prepares every case as if it were going to trial and does not hesitate to take a legal battle to the higher courts if need be.


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